Praise from Executives

“Managing a brand in a multi-channel market requires clear strategies and the discipline to implement them. This book is a fantastic roadmap for brand managers playing across diverse channels of distribution…. It is a great framework for engineering value in your brand that attracts both consumers and retail partners over time.”
Jim Weber
President and CEO
Brooks Sports Inc.

"Choosing and managing the right channels of distribution are among the most complex, important decisions a marketer makes... If you are seeking knowledge in these areas, you have struck gold."
Erv Shames
Former CEO, Borden, Inc. and former Chairman, Sleep Number

“A must read for leaders operating in the complex and ever evolving world of both physical locations and digital platforms.”
Robert McDowell
Chief Commercial Officer, Choice Hotels International

“This book provides a prescient overview of the modern landscape and thought-provoking case studies… you’ll be equipped with the right tools and frameworks to measure and manage more effectively your own organization’s routes to market.”
Paul Turbeville
VP Marketing, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs

“… a must-read for all leaders who deal with the critical questions of where to sell your products and how to work successfully with retailers and intermediaries, both online and offline.”
Jim Lecinski
Former VP Customer Solutions, Google and author of Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

Praise from Academics

“.. masterful job of blending academic research, both classic and emerging, with cutting-edge industry examples and case studies. ”
Jan Heide
University of Wisconsin

"The book is comprehensive and timely, and also an enjoyable read. You’ll find yourself referring to it often…"
Barbara Kahn
Wharton School and author of "The Shopping Revolution"

“.. a gift from two researchers, experienced with distribution practice, who are responsible for the marketing literature’s richest distribution insights."
Leigh McAlister
University of Texas Austin

“With up-to-date metrics and frameworks applied to live case studies, they pull together a physical and online distribution strategy toolkit unlike any other available today.… this book is an essential read.”
Das Narayandas
Harvard Business School

“This book addresses a pressing need in marketing today... Deftly integrates metrics with strategic issues…the value is vividly illustrated in cases and examples that span both digital and physical products.”
John Quelch
University of Miami

“..comprehensive coverage of multi-channel marketing today’s world. They have nailed how to manage distribution strategy.”
David Reibstein
Wharton School and coauthor "Marketing Metrics"

“.. skillfully blends academic insights with relevant examples and provides actionable frameworks and metrics.. for manufacturers and retailers that want to thrive in the multi-channel environment.”
Jan-Benedict Steenkamp
U. North Carolina and coauthor "Retail Disruptors"

“Combining rigor and practical relevance, this book provides managers with clear strategic frameworks for implementing multi-channel distribution.”
Earl Taylor
Marketing Science Institute

“"Getting Multi-Channel Distribution Right" is the clearest and most useful book in its category.”
Kenneth Wilbur
U. California San Diego