AVAILABLE NOW A comprehensive treatment of modern distribution strategy

Products reach today’s end consumers through an endless number of channels—digital and physical, independent and company-owned. This book provides the toolkit, illustrated with rich case studies, to manage this evolving distribution system. It is useful for digital natives who realize they must master physical channels, traditional marketers who must integrate digital and direct channels into the mix, and the intermediaries they partner with.

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Jim Weber, President and CEO, Brooks Sports Inc.

“Managing a brand in a multi-channel market requires clear strategies and the discipline to implement them. This book is a fantastic roadmap for brand managers playing across diverse channels of distribution…. It is a great framework for engineering value in your brand that attracts both consumers and retail partners over time.”

Erv Shames, Former President and CEO, Borden, Inc. and former Chairman, Sleep Number

"Choosing and managing the right channels of distribution are among the most complex, important decisions a marketer makes... If you are seeking knowledge in these areas, you have struck gold."

Robert McDowell, Chief Commercial Officer, Choice Hotels International

“A must read for leaders operating in the complex and ever evolving world of both physical locations and digital platforms.”

Paul Turbeville, Vice President of Marketing, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs

"This book provides a prescient overview of the modern landscape and thought-provoking case studies… you’ll be equipped with the right tools and frameworks to measure and manage more effectively your own organization’s routes to market."

Jim Lecinski, Former Vice President of Customer Solutions for the Americas, Google Author of "Winning the Zero Moment of Truth"

"… a must-read for all leaders who deal with the critical questions of where to sell your products and how to work successfully with retailers and intermediaries, both online and offline.”


"Getting Multi-Channel Distribution Right"

Although there’s no way to simplify multi-channel distribution in a time of change, it is possible to grow it in a way that is sustainable for your organization while preserving the power of your brand. With its rich frameworks, metrics, and tools, and in-depth case studies in markets ranging from home furnishings and athletic footwear to hotels and media, Getting Multi-Channel Distribution Right helps current and future managers rise to the challenge of untangling the modern distribution web. It is laid out in three parts.

Part I: Bedrock of Channel Functions, Power, and Conflict

  • Push, Pull, and Total Channel Performance
  • Root Causes of Channel
  • Today’s Middlemen and their Functions
  • Sources, Indicators, and Use of Power in the Channel

Part II: Metrics, Tools, and Frameworks for Getting the Right Distribution

  • Distribution Metrics for Physical and Digital Channels
  • Hierarchy of Distribution Performance Metrics
  • Velocity Graphs to Guide Distribution Coverage
  • Direct Channels and Digital Channel Partners

Part III: Aligning the Marketing Mix to Manage Distribution

  • Use the Product Line to Manage Multiple Channels
  • Harness the Power of Price and Price Promotions
  • Manage Prices and Incentives Across Channels
  • Distribution Dashboards and Summary Principles